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About Ginger Zumba


Being a Zumba(r) Fitness Instructor has shown me that there is 

nothing more rewarding than sharing with others just how much 

Zumba DANCE classes can & will change their lives! 


That's right, ZUMBA can be a life-changing experience!

It's #exerciseindisguise 

Come check out ANY of my classes to see why!  Lose yourself in the Zumba music & lose weight through a fun and uplifting Dance Fitness workout!

choreography to jason derulo's "tip toe"
all ages, all sizes, all shapes, all levels welcome


I understand how intimidating it can feel to walk into any group class 

for the very first time.  AND, a DANCE class?! YIKES!  

My #1 goal is to make you feel welcome and supported

especially if you've never danced before, got kicked out of a dance class

as a child or worse, were ridiculed for your dancing!  

I want to build your confidence and show you that ANYONE can dance, given the right instruction and environment!  

do you prefer private sessions?

Ginger zumba in action!

G Zumba, Ginger Zumba, Zumba with Gina Rogers...   it's all the same:  It's Zumba in Sherman Oaks!


Ron Letterman

I had been going to Zumba classes for many years while living in N California and have experienced many instructors. After moving to So Cal I began looking for a new Zumba Class and found Gina. She is one of the very best Zumba instructors I have ever experienced. Her enthusiasm is infectious, but more importantly, at least for me, is she is very musical and a wonderful inventive dancer whose transitions are always on point. The hour flies by!

My Mom

"Gina is the BEST Zumba Teacher EVER!!"

Wendy Bircher

Over the years, I have attended probably 20 different Zumba Classes. Some of them I have enjoyed but many have been very hard to follow.  Gina's class is the MOST fun I've had in a Zumba Class EVER!  The music was exceptional, an eclectic mix of every style out there, not JUST Latin and Hip Hop!  Gina is high-energy and very easy to follow.  My next trip to LA will be scheduled around her classes!  I wish I could clone her!!

Sir Lloyd Rawls

"Gina is the littlest biggest explosion on the floor that I've had the pleasure to dance with!"

Anne Dudzik

"Gina is so much fun!  Her classes are like a workout with free standup mixed in.  Good for all will laugh, and you will move!!"

Beth Sussman

"I wish we could bottle you, Gina, as a cure for the Monday morning blues. As always, your Zumba class put a smile on our faces. xoxo"

Check out this great video filmed and edited by @nezentertainment for more info follow this link:

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14261 Ventura Blvd

Sherman Oaks, CA


(FREE parking in back lot labeled "Nadia's Rhythm Room")

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14261 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, California 91423, United States

(818) 533-1348

Class Days and Times

Monday: 10am - 11am

Tuesday: 10am - 11am

Wednesday: 10am - 11am

Thursday: 6:30-7:30pm (Equinox Encino)

Saturday: 10am - 11am