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Gina Rogers


I ALWAYS wanted to be a Dancer, a Rockette, to be exact.  But, my parents insisted I focus on getting a degree, and a 'real' job...  I was never professionally trained, but I found teachers who were willing to teach me tap, ballroom, hip hop, jazz and ballet.  I will always be grateful to those who shared their gifts with me along the way: Joe O'Grady, Marie Bergenholtz, Laura Albero, Roberta Pollard and Lisa Kellog to name a few!

When I'm not dancing, I am acting, singing or narrating audiobooks!

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Ellen Rosen Faubert & April Knox


Ellen and April are your points of contact when you get to class!  When I'm lucky enough to have them:  They'll welcome you with a smile, get you signed in, and my favorite: Collect your payment!  If it were up to me, I'd let everyone come for free.  But, alas, bills must be paid...  So, Ellen & April make my job sooo much easier by handling the $ for me!!  Don't be surprised if, on a Saturday(our busiest class), you are handed a numbered, purple card.  It's how we keep track of who has signed in for the class.  We attempt to get everyone signed in before we start dancing.



I am so grateful to teach my Zumba classes in SUCH a beautiful space!  SOHO DANCE LA is bright, and open, with lots of space, a great sound system AND comfy benches, just in case you need a break.  LOL

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